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Write To Me began with two sisters, Anna & Nicoletta, in 2009 with $400. An Art Director and Account Manager coming together to create a handmade journal business with a vision to one day be able to produce a range of linen covered journals in beautiful colours and classic embossed titles. 

The inspiration to create their products came from two places. they both left home within four weeks of each other, and their mother gifted them their baby journals and family recipe books that she had put together for them. A box of hand written letters are some of the most precious items her husband has of his mother after losing both parents when he was 12 years old. This made them very sentimental and really bought home the importance of hand writing and documenting lives.

Anna & Nicoletta worked tirelessly for the best part of 5 years to build their business, hand making journals and one by one sending their books off to print to achieve their linen covered goals.

Why we love them...

They are so passionate about why they do what they do. They are trying to build a movement. One that encourages people to see the importance of documenting memories and what that means to loved ones.

A movement that captures life stories told in handwriting, because when someone is gone and you can hold their handwriting in your hands, it is like a piece of them remains physically with you. You can run your hands over the letters they have created, memories will come flooding back with the ability to retell and relive stories with moments that meant so much.

No moment is ordinary. Write down the now so it can be remembered for all the tomorrows.

They are not just journals. They are so much more than that.

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