Krystle Knight Jewellery

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      Krystle Knight Jewellery

      Krystle Knight Jewellery is the creative expression of its creator and creative force, Krystle Knight. Ever since Krystle was young, she always carried around a pouch of small crystals with her. She has always been attracted to the power of these magical gifts from nature.

      Every piece in the collection has been personally designed, then lovingly handcrafted in Indonesia, by a family owned factory who she has worked with since the very beginning, in 2013.

      Why we love them...

      Krystle Knight Jewellery believe in the Power of Magic.

      Two worlds collide in their unique, beautifully designed, hand-made pieces – the world you can see and the world you can’t. The Power of our jewellery comes from the master crystal, the amplifier, the healer – Clear Quartz.

      Their pieces are grounded in a design aesthetic of bespoke quality and beauty, literally letting the stone shine. Beautiful sterling silver and gold bring the elegance of simplicity. Each piece is hand-crafted for hours, designed to a clean, beautiful aesthetic and just for you, by our beautiful family owned factory in Bali Indonesia.

      The Magic is the healing and cleansing properties of the crystal, bringing feelings of positivity, clarity and intuition. These are the things you can’t see. But they are things that matter. That’s the Power of Magic.