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The Plant Runner plant care is in our nature - They've got green stuff running through their veins. Sure, their degrees in horticulture taught them the Latin names of plants, but they know that doesn’t mean a lot when you need to ensure your plants flourish and add character to your home. You didn’t painstakingly pick out those plants, pick the perfect spot for them and maybe even give them a name thinking that they’d suddenly wilt, turn brown, drop leaves or shrivel up entirely.

There’s no shame in it — we’ve all had our fair share of plants meet their end while in our care. But keeping your plants alive and thriving is simple when you’ve got the right tools and the right knowledge.

That’s why, as 2 experienced Horticulturalists, The Plant Runner are on a mission to make plant care easier and more beautiful with our curated selection of functional accessories, good quality materials and easy to understand info.  

In short, they're making dirty work delightful.

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