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Ditch the graveyard of forgotten sauces at the back of your pantry. Bin the used-once-forgotten, eye-wateringly hot gag gift your mate gave your for Christmas. Stop settling for sauces that are too spicy, too bland, too watery or just too mediocre for a goddam hot sauce connoisseur like yourself. Introducing... Old Bones Chilli Co!

Old Bones Chilli Co is a family owned and operated Chilli Sauce & Condiments producer based in Sydney, Australia. With products handmade and bottled at their production kitchen in Sydney, they're all about the flavour, not just the heat.  They believe that chilli sauce should enhance a meal, not mask it.

While many chilli sauce brands competing for the hottest sauce (that will be used once, then gather dust), Old Bones Chilli Co are democratizing chilli sauce and bringing it to the people for everyday use. They can bring the heat (and do in their XHOT range), but also bring exceptional flavour, making chilli sauce accessible to a wider market.

We can't stop eating it here at Polly & Co. It's that good.

Visit our gift shop in Muswellbrook, Hunter Valley NSW to see our range in person, or shop online anytime below! FREE SHIPPING for orders $150+. AFTERPAY available ✨

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