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About Imani Collective

Imani Collective; "we're going to build something beautiful." and they did.

Imani Collective is the holding company for several brands. It exists to empower artisans through dignified work, opportunity, and community. As an artisan brand they elevated industry standards to more than just fair trade, but to ethically made. They are committed to not only paying their staff ethical living salaries but also provide many employee benefits such as in-house childcare, bonuses, chefs on location for daily meals, literacy classes, paid maternity leave, dream management and many more.

Their company’s core value is to go beyond just a transactional exchange with artisans, but to create a work culture and community that allows for long-term job stability, career advancement, and sustainable change.

The Imani + Kids collection was inspired by the desire for fun and affirmations to become a daily ritual. What better place is there to start this practice than home? What we read becomes what we think and what we think ultimately will shape who we become. This is amplified when applied to raising tiny humans. Each product is hand signed by the artisan that made it.
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