Dainty Dulcie

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A little about Dainty Dulcie

Simone is the busy mum of two little people, Winifred and Campbell, and the designer behind the brand, Dainty Dulcie! Sim designs and makes all of her creations, based from the beautiful Hunter Valley, NSW. In a world where everything is so complicated, Dainty Dulcie's range of hair clips and scrunchies are kept simple... Simple styles. Simple materials. Effortless and classic. 

Why we love them

Wear them to the park, wear them on the swings, don’t be afraid to play. The range Is designed to be beautiful yet practical. Dainty.Dulcie comes from a place of simplicity. No glitz, no glam, just natural 100% cotton and 100% linen fabrics, in pretty little styles that will stand the test of time.