Let Them Play

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      Let Them Play

      Created by nature, crafted by hand, made for play. Julie and Steve, parents to four awesome kids, are the creators and hands behind Let Them Play. They made the most amazing wooden toys, each one being unique, as the materials have each been hand selected, collected, or cut. Each design is created by Let Them Play Toys, and then they draw, cut, slice, sand, paint and finish each and every piece! Each piece will have its own special wood grain, colours and characteristics. It may look slightly different from the picture shown but that's what makes it special to you. 

      Why we love them...

      Let Them Play create toys that connect kids to nature in the funnest way possible. They're all about creating the environments that are safe, fun and filled with ethically sourced toys from natural materials. Sustainability is also at the core their business. This includes all steps they take, from design to production. Every toy they create is made from sustainable materials and has as close to zero footprint on earth as possible!