Status Anxiety.

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Status Anxiety.

Status Anxiety is the social condition caused by comparing ourselves to those around us. It's measuring how we're doing in terms of possessions, appearance and job titles etc resulting in status anxiety. It's no coincidence the question you get asked when you first meet someone is 'what do you do?'

This status anxiety can cause us to make decisions with our time and money that compromise what we really value in order to be 'successful'.

We’re not making light of anxiety but drawing attention to the potential affect of this condition which can leave us poorer (as per our very first ad campaign shown here).

Status Anxiety are about worrying less on measuring up to others’ perceptions, not taking ourselves too seriously and reassessing real value in all areas of our lives. We’re for a life lived simply, with a greater appreciation for things that last rather than the latest fashion fad.

Since 2004, they've been doing their darndest to create high quality, minimalist leather goods that complement this ethos of simplicity and true value in all areas of our lives including what we buy.

Why we love them...

There's leather, and then... there's leather. Tanneries develop premium leather just for Status Anxiety. Some are washed, others shrunken, and some embossed just the way we like it.

Every Status Anxiety piece is handcrafted in inherently awesome, ethically sourced, predominantly Italian and Brazilian leather. And rest assured, no rare or endangered snow leopards are harmed in the process.

You change your clothes daily (hopefully), but your bag and wallet go with you every day. With our minimalistic and uncomplicated designs, you can do your thing without looking like you take yourself too seriously. No one wants that.