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Hi there!

I’m Gemma; the lady-boss behind Polly & Co. Lover of travel, coffee, dogs, gardening, wine and the finer things in life!

Living in a country town, I know too well that it can be hard to find that thoughtful gift for a special occasion, that right piece for your home, or that special product just to treat yourself. So, in 2020, I decided to open a new online store. My vision was simple; to bring together beautiful products that you don’t see often in mainstream stores, that are also kind to our planet and good for our mind, body + soul. From this, Polly & Co was born; home to a collection of unique products for your home, lifestyle and little ones!

5 facts about me!
  1. I worked in Human Resources for almost 15 years, and decided to quit my career to be a Photographer and own an online store! Let’s just say it all started as a hobby, which turned into my passion, and resulted in a huge change for my life! Andddd I don’t regret it for a second!!
  2. Polly & Co is the second online store I have built. The first was Wood & Lace - we stocked a range of photography props. I owned the store for a bit over 4 years before selling it to a lovely photographer based in WA in mid 2020.
  3. I have a serious travel bug. Africa, South America, China, Mexico, America, UK, Italy, Nepal, India… you name it! I love the experience of going to destinations that are completely different to home. I have become a little less adventurous as I've gotten older though - a few years back you'd find me trekking in the jungle, sleeping in a hut... but I must admit I now enjoy a plush bed in a boutique hotel, cocktail in hand, looking at the sunset over the ocean ✌️
  4. The first part of Polly & Co is named after my beloved Golden Retriever, Polly. She brings so much love and joy to my life. Working from home, I spend 90% of my day with her… she’s my best friend and the perfect companion. The “& Co.” part is for my partner Budd. He’s my number 1 supporter, and will often be helping out behind the scenes when things get busy.
  5. I’m a self titled garden and wine enthusiast. Most afternoons you will find me in my garden with a wine, enjoying the sunshine with Polly close by.

My aim for Polly & Co is to be a warm and welcoming space where you can find unique products that make your heart sing! I treat every purchase, no matter how big or small, as a gift - giving it every attention to detail, and delivering it lovingly gift wrapped to perfection.

I’m so grateful that you have visited our website - thanks for stopping by!

Much love,

Gemma xx