The Motherhood Series: Meet Sophie, The Organised Mum

The Motherhood Series: Meet Sophie, The Organised Mum

Whether called Mummy, Mum, Mama, Grannie, or Nan, all Mothers deserve to be celebrated 🙌

In the lead up to Mothers Day this year, we thought we'd celebrate all things Mum with a special series of interviews! We've teamed with with 5 Mums who are all at different stages of their motherhood journey, all with different stories to share.

In today's blog, we take a moment to chat with Sophie! Sophie talks about being diagnosed with endometriosis at 18, dealing with anxiety, and how she keeps her household organised in her crazy beautiful motherhood journey...

Hi there Sophie, thank you so much for being part of The Motherhood Series! Let's kick things off with our quick 5....

Tea or coffee? Coffee ☕️

Flats or heels? Flats 🥿

Plan everything or go with the flow: Definitely a planner 🙈📝

When I was growing up I wanted to be: A Teacher 

Describe your ideal Sunday, including breakfast: Breakfast & coffee in bed! (A hot breakfast that I haven’t had to cook 😂 along with a flat white 😉☕️) A slow morning followed by some baking to prep for the week ahead & some family time - a game or movie 🥰 

Now we know a little about you… tell us a bit about your motherhood journey, and the little people you’re mama to:

When I was 18 I was diagnosed with endometriosis. My gynaecologist told me when I was 21 that I should be thinking about having kids sooner rather than later. I had only been with my partner at the time (now my husband) for a couple of years & we knew we were not ready for kids at that point in our lives. 

So we decided to wait. We ended up getting married after 6 years together & then decided to start our family. We were almost about to start fertility treatment after trying for over 15 months when we found out I was pregnant with our daughter. I’ll never forget that moment of seeing those double lines on our pregnancy test after taking so many & being disappointed! 

I am now a proud Mumma to Ivy (5) & Phoenix (3) 🥰

Whats your favourite thing about being a mum?

This one is tough because a lot of things come to mind! Watching my kids learn new things & achieve their milestones is up there. Nothing beats how proud I feel when they achieve a goal they have been working towards. Even if it’s as simple as jumping in from the edge of the pool at swimming lessons or writing their name for the first time. There are so many special moments we experience as a Mum that I will cherish. 💕

What has been your greatest challenge in motherhood so far, and how have you overcome it? 

Probably anxiety! I never really had it until I had kids. I am responsible for the well-being & safety of 2 little people & it’s a 24/7 job. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the stress of it all. 

I have slowly delved deeper into my feelings & begun to recognise my triggers. I use essential oils a lot in my home and I use them to help with my anxiety. I have an amazing support network around me - my husband, mum & sisters are always there for me. My husband & I make a great team together & I never feel alone in this crazy beautiful motherhood journey ❤️

We love following your page @the_organised_mum_! What’s your best tips in keeping your household organised?

Thank you! I’m a very big believer in writing lists for absolutely everything. It helps me keep track of everything that needs doing - events coming up, appointments, my work, kids activities etc. It keeps me on track & organised. I even start lists throughout the year for birthdays and Christmas and jot it down as I think of things. Otherwise I will easily forget it all! 🙈

What’s your fav go-to mum recipe that’s easy for a busy mum?

You can’t beat a spag bol or tacos. It’s easy and every family member actually eats it & enjoys it! Im not good with actual recipes for these dishes because I always throw in whatever I have on hand. 😝

We know you’ve recently transitioned back to work - what’s your best advice for mum’s who are getting ready to take the same step?

It’s daunting at first but once you take the leap it feels great. I really enjoy work/life balance at the moment and the extra income is an added bonus. I was worried how working again would fit into our lives but it didn’t take long for us to find our new groove with both mum and dad working. 

So I guess I would say don’t be too worried as everything has a habit of falling into place.

What’s the best advice your Mum passed down to you?

I remember feeling nervous about giving birth for the first time. My mum said to me “There’s no need to worry, it’s the most productive pain you’ll ever have. And don’t forget that little prize at the end.” 

I’d always heard so many horrible birth stories but this advice from my Mum helped me remember that yes it will hurt, but it’s productive & I’ll have my little baby at the end ❤️

What would be your ideal way to spent Mothers Day this year?

Lunch at Pokolbin with my hubby (he’s always working!) & of course my babies, my mum & my sisters 🥰 throw in some wine 🍷 & a nice hot bath at some stage - bliss👌

Oh and no cooking or cleaning 😉🙌🏼

Sending a BIG Thank You to Sophie for taking the time to share her story with us! We hope you enjoyed reading The Motherhood Series!

Gemma x 

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