Who is Polly?

Who is Polly?

Hi there, beautiful people!

Did you know that we are coming up to our 4th birthday!! So wild to think 4 years have flown by since we first opened Polly & Co! Leading up to our our birthday celebration, I thought I would answer one of our biggest questions!!…

Who is Polly?? 🤔

Most people mistake me for Polly when they visit us in store (which is fine by me, she’s cute af 😜), but my name isn't Polly, it's Gemma!

Before Polly & Co, I spent my days as a photographer, capturing newborns, families, weddings & the like. But when COVID-19 hit and my photography business came to a halt, I found myself in need of a new creative outlet.

Like many of us during that time, I had a lot of extra hours on my hands. So I decided to channel my creative energy into something new, and thus, Polly & Co was born!

I sat at home (mostly in my pj’s in true lockdown style) and brainstormed, curated and built our online store from scratch, which is where Polly comes into the story!


Polly is my beautiful golden retriever fur baby!! She was snuggled up beside me every step of the way as I worked through building our store! 

Being home alone, you could say I was talking to myself haha! But Polly was the one I bounced my wild ideas off - she helped me bring my ideas to life with her open minded listening ears, and a cuddle here and there when things got tough, and thus earned to be credited → Polly & Co!

POLLY & CO 1.0

We kicked things off in April 2020, and started trading out of an enclosed verandah in our house. A couple of Bunnings diy shelves, squished into a 3 x 4m space, just enough room to store our range, and pack your beautiful orders. And from there, Polly & Co quickly grew beyond my wildest dreams. 

We moved from my house into the historical Weidmann Cottage, where we opened our first physical store. It was an exciting time!/

POLLY & CO 2.0

But we didn’t stop there! 

In November 2022, we decided to take a giant leap, bought our own building, renovated the ground floor and moved in! 

We also expanded with launching The Green Room ANDDDD and a hole-in-the-wall style espresso bar!

So, here we are, almost at our 4th birthday; a fur baby loving small business with a big heart, ready to add a little bit of joy and a whole lot of love to your world! It’s been years of endless work, but I’m so incredibly grateful for the space we've created, our amazing team, and the journey we’ve been able to share with you, all with Polly wagging her little tail by our side 🥰 

Thank you for being a part of our story, and we can’t wait to celebrate our 4th Birthday with you (we have a BIG surprise planned for you all! 😉) 🥳

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