Where the World Ends

Where the World Ends

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"Where do the clouds go when we can no longer see them?" asked Zip.

"I don't know," said Trik.

"Maybe they all end up where the world ends," said Flip.

One simple question turns an ordinary day for three friends lying in the grass and staring at the sky into an extraordinary adventure. Zip, Trik, and Flip decide to set off to find where the world ends. The journey takes the trio across fantastical landscapes-a lakeside city on stilts, a mysterious and magical forest, a snowy mountaintop-with countless delightful details for young readers to discover. Along the way doubtful onlookers discourage their quest and each time they think they have reached the end of the world, it seems to move further away. In the face of these challenges, the three friends maintain their spirit and motivation, enjoying the journey as much as the destination, before returning to their homes again.

  • Author: Davide Cali, Maria Dek (Illustrator)
  • Hardcover