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Our Ruby sugar scrub makes a luxurious addition to your selfcare ritual. Raw sugar gently exfoliates and removes dead surface skin cells while the oils provide deep hydration to your skin. Rose clay draws impurities out while rose petals protect and strengthen your skin. Combined with a sweet, floral blend of natural essential oils of rose geranium and pink grapefruit, this scrub will leave your skin nourished and glowing.

Ingredients (*organic) & known properties:

  • Raw sugar*: exfoliates, conditions, protects skin from toxins
  • Virgin coconut oil*: hydrates and retains moisture, reduces inflammation
  • Sweet almond oil*: retains moisture, prevents blackheads and acne, protects skin from UV damage
  • Rose clay: tightens pores, gently absorbs oil and toxins
  • Rose petals*: locks in moisture, protects skin from free radical damage, anti-bacterial and reduces redness
  • Rose geranium essential oil: anti-inflammatory, promotes skin cell regeneration, alleviates anxiety
  • Pink grapefruit essential oil: anti-bacterialmood uplifting
  • Non-GMO vitamin E: protects and restores skin, soothes irritated skin

To use:

Massage gently over damp skin in circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Store in a cool and dry location away from direct sunlight and water.

Net weight: 220g