Soleil / Sunstone and Cognac 〰️Bracelet

Soleil / Sunstone and Cognac 〰️Bracelet

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Soleil is designed with Raw Cognac Amber , Raw Lemon Amber and A Grade Sunstone

SUNSTONE is a stone of personal power and expansion. Enhances intuition and allows the real self to shine through.

Only A grade, undyed, unenhanced gemstones are used. 

So how does Amber work? 

Amber contains a substance called Succinic Acid which is released when heated by the warmth of your little one’s skin. It’s the properties with the Succinic Acid that is believed to reduce inflammation and discomfort. A trusted pain relief by many cultures of the centuries. 

Why Raw?

Raw Amber contains the highest levels of Succinic Acid so that is why all my designs are heavy in this type of Amber.

Which Colour?

The shades of Amber are all equally as potent so this decision comes down to which share you love the most!

What Size?