Rewild Your Life, 52 Ways To Reconnect To Nature

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Over-attached to technology and cosseted in our homes, the Western world has never been so disconnected from nature. Rewild Your Life helps you to rediscover your instinctive connection to the great outdoors. With 52 indoor and outdoor projects, journalist and wild swimming enthusiast Sarah Stirling will show you how reconnecting with the natural world is key to keeping the environment alive, while simultaneously bringing the wonder back into the every day.

Projects include spoon carving to foraging in the hedgerows, making and mending to forest bathing – this book will help you to focus on the many small ways you can retune your innate human senses that have become blunted by modern life, as well as improve your overall happiness and wellbeing.

About the Author

Sarah Stirling has been an outdoor storyteller for 15 years, and is an acclaimed magazine writer and editor in her field. Previously the Editor of The Outdoor Adventure Guide , she is currently Assistant Editor of the UK's most widely read outdoor magazine, Summit , and contributes to Lonely Planet, the Observer and the Telegraph, among others.

  • Author: Sarah Stirling
  • Hardcover