Penguins and Other Sea Birds

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"Did you know... The Gal pagos Penguin's speckled markings makes each of them as unique as a snowflake? The Emperor Penguin weighs the same as a Labrador retriever? The Adelie Penguin takes its name from the sweetheart of a Napoleonic naval captain turned explorer?

Street artist and ornithologist, Matt Sewell, illustrates one of the world's favourite birds in this charming follow-up to Owls, Our Garden Birds, Our Songbirds and Our Woodland Birds. From tiny fairy penguins to the regal emperor penguin, and the punk of the penguins - the rockhopper - to impossibly cute and fluffy penguin chicks, Matt Sewell captures the famously quirky characters of penguins as never before. Through his unique and much-loved watercolours and whimsical descriptions, you'll discover everything you've ever wondered about this enigmatic bird and his feathered friends from across the globe."

  • Author: Matt Sewell
  • Hardcover