Fossil Playdough Stampers

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Large wooden playdough stampers with a deep etching that leave a bold beautiful print!

These fossil animal stampers are a wonderful way to start a conversation with your little wildlings about the process of fossilisation. 

This set includes 7 large stampers in a cotton bag, varying in size from 8-10cm. Each individual stamp in lovingly handmade in Australia, making no two ever the same. Each piece has their own unique shape, size and grain. 

There are different sized branch knobs on the back for easy stamping and practicing grasp & fine motor skills by the purpose addition of different sized back branch knobs. 

The wood used to make these stampers is foraged in Victoria- being an eco friendly wood option. 

Wood may either be pine or cedar. 

Holistic, slow, sustainable play for your little wildlings. 

Age 3 + Small parts could pose as choking hazard.

Please note all Little Wildling Dough playdough accessories and stampers are intended as educational tools to be used only under the guidance of adult supervision. 

Dispose of immediately at first sign of cracks or breakage.