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5 Little Bears

Alphabet + Number Tracing Boards

$82.90 $59.95

The set consists of 5 boards - 4 are double sided and feature the letters of the alphabet (upper case on one side and lower case on the other) and the 5th featuring the numbers 1 to 10.  Five timber styluses are also included in this set, which makes it a perfect group time activity.  Children can use either a stylus or their fingers to trace the letters and numbers, which will promote pre-writing skills.  The use of the stylus will also help to develop a child’s pencil grip.

Made using 3mm plywood, this is an all Australian Made and Owned product.

Set includes:

  • 5 boards (approx. 40 x 9cm)
  • 5 x timber styluses (approx 13 x 0.5cm)

The best way to keep our raw timber resources and puzzles hydrated and well-nourished is with a natural oil or wax, like our handmade beeswax polish.  Using locally sourced beeswax combined with organic coconut oil, it is not only completely non-toxic and safe for children, it also smells fantastic!  Our beeswax polish is available for this item here: Beeswax Polish

✨ Recommended for 3yrs +