Snuggle Hunny Kids


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    Snuggle Hunny Kids

    Sunggle Hunny Kids are a wife and husband duo, supported by a wonderful team, who create contemporary designed baby swaddles, topknots and bows, knit blanets, linen and more.

    Why we love them

    • As well as their ahhhh-mazing designs, Snuggle Hunny Kids proudly reduce their carbon footprint by offsetting their carbon emissions with Greenfleet. Greenflet is a not-for-profit organisation that plant biodiverse native forests in Australia. These forests capture greenhouse gas emissions and help to protect our planet against the impacts of climate change.

    • They use 100% recycled or reused boxes, and reuse packaging material when sending parcels to customers, wherever possible and recycle any left-over carboard boxes.

    • They regularly send donations to various NICU’s (neonatal intensive care units) around Australia.

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