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Little Earth Toys

Little Earth Toys are designed by child development experts, they create toys that foster learning through exploration, discovery, and creative play. Their open-ended toys support children's development while empowering parents and educators with the knowledge and materials to set children up to become life-long learners.

Why we love them...

Play is a child's natural way of exploring the world. It is essential for learning and stimulates brain development, exploration, discovery, and imaginative thinking. Little Earth Toys range inspires child-directed learning through thoughtful designs, materials, and a focus on children's natural creativity and curiosity. 

They are also on a mission towards a more sustainable future. Committed to thoughtful processes, products, and packaging, we are environmentally conscious and consider their environmental impact every step of the way. Their products are made ethically under a fair trade scheme and crafted from renewable and responsibly sourced international and local materials, including FSC, certified timbers.  

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