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Kami & Kindred

Kami & Kindred is all about natural beauty. A carefully crafted collection of handmade, ceramic and natural fibre jewellery and homewares celebrating the goddess within, and everyday essential rituals. Each item is handcrafted by Hayley, in every sense of the word. The process includes sourcing local natural materials, working the clay, wheel throwing the domestic ware, mixing and applying specialty glazes and even producing the twisted fibre cords and tassels used for jewellery pieces. No amount of effort or love is spared.

Why we love them...

Kami & Kindred is not just another designer brand, but an ethical, slow-fashion company, proud to be part of a global movement towards self love and empowerment. Their goal is to contribute to a more sustainable, creative and beautiful world by embracing key concepts of Japanese aesthetics and also the principle of slow fashion.

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