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Heart Therapeutics

In a world where time constantly escapes us, Heart Therapeutics offers more of those little moments to pause, reflect, and feel invigorated. 

With a Bachelor Degree in Health Science, Naturopathy from the prestigious  Southern School of Natural Medicine in Melbourne combined with her qualification as a chef, Misha has dedicated her life to harnessing the medicinal power of plants and empowering others to live a more examined life. This epitomises her life's work.

Why we love them...

Using her intimate knowledge of herbalism and flavour, Misha founded a wellness company that encompasses the tenets of a mindful lifestyle to bring you locally crafted products with natural healing properties. We believe that more people can prevent the onset of illness and negative health impacts of an unbalanced lifestyle with our range of health boosting herbal teas, the culmination of a relationship between one woman and herbs spanning over 20 years.

By hand packaging our loose leaf tea in apothecary style vessels with traditional cork stoppers, Misha is on a journey to connect others with this simple ritual by creating a memorable experience with every brew. Based in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, and available to the broader health and wellness community, Heart Therapeutics is dedicated to upholding sustainable values and stands alongside other like-minded businesses.

From her heart to yours, Misha welcomes you to join her on the path to inner bliss! 

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