Poppy & Daisy Designs

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      At the heart of Poppy and Daisy Designs lies the desire to celebrate life’s special moments with mother nature in mind.Just like you, they know sustainability is not a fad, but the future.

      Helen is the creator of Poppy & Daisy Designs; a Brit from the sunny UK, married to an Aussie who she met during my working holiday in Oz. Fast forward 13 years and she's still here and they have 2 little Aussies (complete with Aussie accents, but she makes them pronounce their T’s) called Poppy and Daisy, now 6 and 8!

      Helen had a light blub moment for eco-conscious gifts after hosting Poppy and Daisy’s birthday parties last year. She was overwhelmed with plastic gifts piled up in their lounge room, and it was so obvious – we need sustainable options for gifting.

      She got thinking about the alternatives on the market for 5 to 12 year-olds and her mind went blank, other than crafts. She also cast her mind back to  her childhood and realised it involved a lot less plastic, less technology and a lot more hands-on creativity, and imaginative nature play with our families enjoying the experience together. She wanted to create similar experiences for Poppy, Daisy and other children – to inspire little creative minds.

      Why we love them...

      We love that Poppy & Daisy Designs give us eco-conscious, sustainable gift options rather than plastic alternatives!